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Our Experienced Tutors

Jennine Bailey

Jennine Bailey has lead on Social Prescribing and Asset Based Community Development in New Addington and Seldson for 3 years funding by the CCG’s Making Every Contact Count commission. .

My name is Saera Haque

I have a BSc in Computer Science.

I have worked as a Social Prescribing Link worker since 2018 , I was first working as a Link worker coordinator for Croydon SocialP

Saera Harque
Paul Macey

Paul has worked as a Community Builder on a range of Asset Based Community Development projects through Nurture Development and Croydon Voluntary Action across the UK.

PTLLS and Mentoring Qualifications

We do what we train in and we do it well

First Community Builders in the UK

Experienced trainers in Unconscious Bias and Equality


Course leaders manner, attitude and professionalism:

100% marked this good or above with 65% marking excellent.

Contribution to your general knowledge and skill for the role of a link worker:

90% marked this good or above.

Relevance to the responsibilities listed within your role:

95% marked this good or above with 60% marking excellent.

Course leaders knowledge of the subject matter:

100% marked this good or above with 60% marking excellent.

Our Experience

Both Lead Trainers Jennine Bailey and Paul Macey are part of Croydon Social P’s Strategic Leaders Team, as well as ABCD practitioners, trainers and mentors through Prosperity Uncovered.

They are well placed to train, coach and mentor practitioners in ABCD and Social Prescribing good practice. The packages are written and delivered by Qualified PTLLS trainers and mentors who have over 40 years experience in community development and ABCD training and mentoring nationally.

With 6 -years experience in Social Prescribing for Croydon CCG they keep their skill set, tools and
strategies up to date and relevant to current times by still delivering on projects and working on the ground in their local communities.

The role of a Social Prescribing Link Worker

The role of a Social Prescribing Link Worker

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